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Introducing our Head of Sales, Daniel Burn

Introducing our Head of Sales, Daniel Burn

by on January 24, 2024

We're delighted to introduce our Head of Sales, Daniel Burn. We had a fascinating Q&A session with Daniel to learn more about his previous experience and his plans for 2024. He provided some interesting insight into Payme and the upcoming opportunities and challenges in the recruitment industry.  

Welcome, Dan. Tell us about yourself and your career to date.

“Thank you. I've been with Payme as Head of Sales for eight months now. Before I joined, I worked as a Buyer for Sytner, the UK's largest car dealer group, for almost two years. And, before that, I worked in marketing.”

It might seem like a big change of pace, but there are a lot of overlaps in terms of working for a company where the culture of service is key, and I've found that at Payme, service really is the most important thing.”

What appealed to you most about your role at Payme?

“The team ethos was particularly appealing. The team here really is fantastic. They've been welcoming and willing to help me learn more about the company and the industry – they've been so helpful.”

In terms of the company itself, the size of Payme means that we can get everything achieved that we need to, and any changes or suggestions, from the top down or the bottom up, can be enacted relatively quickly.”

"We operate in a fast-changing environment, so to be able to adapt like that is amazing."

Tell us about your role now. What are your responsibilities?

“As Head of Sales, it's my responsibility to partner with new agencies looking to payroll their contractors with us. I've been working with the team here to bring on board any agencies that need our help.”

I'm also looking after our existing clients as well, and have attended a lot of client meetings, making sure that we're doing our best to keep them happy. And, of course, I've been making sure that all our contractors are cared for properly and that any legislative changes we've dealt with don't affect them adversely.”

How have you found the recruitment landscape over the last twelve months?

“It's been quite a rollercoaster! I think I joined Payme at one of the most difficult times for the recruitment industry. The sector seemed to be either very up or very down, with no middle ground. This feeling of extremes affected everyone's views about what might happen this year, but overall, there's a feeling of optimism about what might happen in 2024. We have a lot of new and exciting things in the pipeline.”

“we're waiting for news of several tenders that hopefully come back and make it a very strong year for us."

Are you feeling optimistic about 2024?

“Yes, definitely! Not just for Payme's prospects over the next 12 months but also in terms of the people we speak to – there's a lot of positivity about what this year has in store.”

Thinking about the wider recruitment environment and what's going to be affecting recruitment agencies and umbrella companies this year, what do you think 2024 has in store?

“There are a couple of factors that will have a massive influence.

Firstly, we're starting to see interest rates level off a little, and the cost of borrowing is falling. This means that a lot of bigger contracts can start to be released, and there'll be a lot more work as a result.”

"We're on tenterhooks about a forthcoming general election, whether it's a snap one or not."

“This could lead to either massive changes, or nothing at all! It's a waiting game, but we're preparing for every eventuality so we can adapt to meet any new requirements as and when they're announced.”

If you were a recruiter right now, what would be on your mind?

“I'd be thinking about keeping my eyes on the horizon at all times. After all, the next big thing could be just around the corner.”

"It's a very exciting time with plenty of opportunities out there and a chance to do a lot of big things."

What about for Payme? How are you feeling about the future? Are there big plans here too?

“We're feeling very optimistic. The team has developed tremendously over the last 12 months, especially since I came on board, and we have two fantastic new Account Managers, Claire Martin and Cameron Newcombe, who are both doing an amazing job looking after our current client base.”

The team is doing fantastic things. Our service levels are higher and better than ever, and we're definitely heading in the right direction.”

“I'm looking forward to seeing what 2024 brings.”

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