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An Introduction to Our New National Account Manager, Claire Martin

An Introduction to Our New National Account Manager, Claire Martin

by on August 11, 2023

We’re delighted to welcome our new National Account Manager, Claire Martin, to the Payme team.

Here we look at Claire’s previous achievements, and learn what she has planned for her new role at Payme.

Welcome to the team, Claire. Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

Thank you, I’m very happy to be here! 

For the last 8 years I’ve worked for another umbrella company, first as a Senior Account Manager then as Associate Account Director. Prior to that I worked as an Employment Liaison Manager for a leading public service provider, helping to improve people’s lives through training, education and employment, and before that I was a recruitment consultant, specialising in the Engineering, Manufacturing and Technical Industries.  

What attracted you to working with Payme?

I was persuaded to apply for a job with Payme by Payme’s White Collar Sales Director, Sean Mackenzie. I’d worked with him in my previous role and when he left he was so complimentary of his new company’s culture and ethos that when a vacancy became available I jumped at the chance. When I went for my interview everyone was so welcoming and friendly and I recognised immediately that it was the kind of close-knit team that I wanted to be part of.

I enjoy the fact that Payme is a smaller team because it means that I can get answers and resolve issues immediately rather than having to go through a long chain of people. It means more responsibility but it’s far more rewarding.

What will you be doing as National Account Manager?

I’ll be looking after some exciting new accounts and I’ll be developing new business opportunities, bringing new clients on board. I’ve already got lots of meetings lined up and I can’t wait to get started.

I’ll also be servicing some of our existing accounts and making sure that our contractors are looked after and being paid on time – generally giving them our usual standards of top quality service.

The payroll market is broad and there’s lots of changes to contend with, for example, new legislation. How do you keep up to date with that?

I already have lots of contacts and points of reference to make sure that we keep on top of legislative changes that can affect our recruitment clients and our contractors. I subscribe to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) newsletter, for example, as well as organisations like Contractor Voice to see what issues are concerning contractors, so I can keep on top of things from both sides. 

Things like that help me give added value to clients and contractors, something I’m very keen on! So I make sure that I’m up to date on issues such as IR35, the Good Work Plan, any changes to Key Information Documents (KIDs) requirements etc. Reinforcing my knowledge of issues surrounding umbrella companies helps me offer a better service and I think it’s reassuring for our recruitment agent clients to know that they can simply pick up the phone and ask me about anything that’s concerning them. It’s those sorts of little differences that makes Payme a real partner service, rather than a faceless umbrella company.

What are your plans for extra added value over the next six months?

As well as bringing on board lots of new accounts my plans include developing a series of training sessions for recruitment consultants, especially ones who are new to the concept of an umbrella company, and explaining to them the benefits of partnering with Payme – both for them and for the contractors they represent.   

I’m also keen to help develop real partnerships with the agents that I’ll be dealing with and offering them the reassurance of someone they can rely on to give honest answers to real questions. I always say there’s no wrong or silly questions, only information that hasn’t been discovered yet, and that’s what I’m here to do. I’m here as a friendly, knowledgeable voice at the end of a phone line to offer extra support whenever they need it.

What about your life outside of work?

I’m the mum of two young football-mad boys and I seem to spend all my weekends taking them to practice and matches, so there’s not much me-time in my life. Other than that we’re a very outdoorsy family and we love spending time in nature and being together. However, when I get the chance I do enjoy the odd cocktail or two with my girlfriends.