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Payme provides a variety of services designed to fit
the specific needs of all contractors and agencies.

We offer clear and compliant contracting and payroll services

After seeing a gap in the market for a compliant payroll company, Payme was founded in 2012 by John Patrick, following 25 years he had spent working in the recruitment industry.

Soon after Payme was established, John was joined by Alison Jolly as Operations Manager, Andrew Mitchell as Sales/Director, and Dean Rudd as Head of National Accounts.

Over the last decade, Payme has developed a reputation for high levels of customer service amongst its clients, who include self-employed contractors in the construction, rail and industrial sectors, as well as providing PAYE umbrella services to recruitment agencies, and fully-managed payroll outsourcing to businesses of any size, in any sector.

We are now a team of 30, with offices based in Wetherby.


  • Their knowledge of both the recruitment sector and employment law has been second to none.
    Their knowledge of both the recruitment sector and employment law has been second to none.

    We are well advised by Payme's management team who regularly conduct service reviews and update us on any forthcoming legislation and changes within the CIS/Umbrella market in general. I can highly recommend Payme as a professional payroll intermediary company and as such, would be happy to have a conversation with similar businesses to confirm the above.

    Julian Gryckiewicz, Head of Payroll and Compliance
  • We have utilised Payme CIS and Umbrella payroll services for many years.
    We have utilised Payme CIS and Umbrella payroll services for many years.

    Payme were introduced to us over 5 years ago and we have worked exclusively with them to this date. On any given week, we could have in excess of 300 operatives that require payment and Payme has never had any issues accommodating this requirement.

    John Cheeseman, Managing Director - CRS


The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement 2023 – Our Response
28th November 2023

The current Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, recently presented his Autumn Statement in which the government’s five focus areas were outlined: reducing debt, cutting tax, backing British business; building domestic and sustainable energy; and delivering world-class education. Here we examine the Statement and look at how it affects contractors, recruiters and end-clients.


Is now the time for ‘reform and accountability’?
26th October 2023

A recent survey by ContractorCalculator, the UK’s leading website for contractors and freelancers, has revealed shocking levels of non-compliance among some of the UK’s umbrella companies, as well as a system which is failing workers. Here we look at the results of it and the importance of compliance within the supply chain.

What does the survey say?

As well as some disturbing information about how some contractors are being treated (some find themselves being pushed into using an umbrella company against their will, some have had their choices of umbrella companies restricted, and some of them are unaware of their basic legal and employment rights), one of the main complaints was that umbrella companies are not regulated, and need to be so in order to protect people from unscrupulous and illegal behaviour. 

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