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Payme provides a variety of services designed to fit
the specific needs of all contractors and agencies.

Our Umbrella PAYE services mean peace of mind for contractors and flexibility for you. Our high quality and ethical approach is focused on maximising contractors’ income and minimising your workload.

Key features

  • Quick and efficient registration process
  • Dedicated account manager
  • SMS/email pay advice
  • Insurance cover
  • Secure online portal.

It’s the perfect option for contractors who:

  • Have end-user clients who stipulate that contractually the contractors they engage need to be employed (as opposed to self-employed).
  • Work in the public sector and are caught by IR35 rules.
  • Do or do not fall under the supervision, direction or control of the end-user.
  • Work from more than one workplace within the same assignment/engagement.

How does Payme Umbrella work?

Payme Umbrella operates as an employer to contractors working via a recruitment agency. This means that they retain their employment rights. While you, the agency, outsource the administrative burden to us. We manage the commercial, employment, taxation, and statutory risks connected with supplying temporary workers. Thereby minimising your overheads, employment risk and administrative responsibilities of managing temporary workers in-house. We will issue invoices to you, the agency, for the services carried out by the contractor. When that invoice is paid, the contractor will be remunerated through PAYE with all Employers National Insurance, National Insurance and Income Tax contributions deducted at source. Contractors will be registered quickly, paid accurately and promptly. Our secure online services and SMS/email pay notification make it simple for them to use us. And we’re on hand to answer queries and resolve issues. While legislation governing this area can seem bewildering, our highly professional team can help you navigate the complex issues involved. Our rigorous in-house procedures, SDC (supervision, direction & control), status and IR35 tests have been designed in conjunction with leading experts to ensure we are compliant with HMRC regulations. All of which means you can trust us to deliver prompt, accurate and robust payment services to your contractors. Leaving you to focus on your clients. While enjoying the commercial benefits of working with us.

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