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Payme provides a variety of services designed to fit
the specific needs of all contractors and agencies.

Payme Plus PEO (Professional Employment Offering) is the ideal option for agencies who need to engage workers on a generic PAYE basis but don’t have the capacity to do so in-house. For contractors, with a PEO you are quoted your actual gross pay rate from the start. This never changes unless your pay rate changes. For peace of mind there are no deductions other than normal PAYE employee tax and national insurance. There is no invoice reconciliation required which means payslips are very easy to follow. The pay rate that you are quoted is the pay rate that you are paid. For Recruiters/End Clients, we will employ your workers and take responsibility for PAYE, RTI and everything else that comes with employment and employment law.


Key features

It’s the perfect option if:

  • You don’t have the capacity in-house to employ your workers on a PAYE basis.
  • Your workers do fall under the supervision, direction or control of the end-user.
  • You don’t have the means to payroll workers (you don’t have the staff, software, or budget to operate in-house payroll).
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