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Case Study

Case study – TES 2000

Case study – TES 2000

July 3, 2024

Established in 1994, TES 2000 is a highly regarded principal contractor to the rail industry. The company headquarters are in Colchester, Essex, with regional offices in Watford, Rugby, Manchester, Preston, Peterborough and Carlisle. They undertake a range of services on Network Rail’s infrastructure, including the delivery of track renewal projects. And they have developed high levels of expertise and national coverage in the delivery of Possession Management, Electrification, Technical Services, Track Renewals and Maintenance.

TES had never previously worked with an outsourced payroll solution and had no knowledge relating to the legal requirements related to umbrella Payroll. The senior management team wanted to get a full understanding of the sector before making the leap into outsourced payroll. 

Starting in 2019, over the course of around 6 months, and several meetings. Andrew was able to fully inform the team at TES about the intricacies of umbrella and CIS payroll.

A key consideration was how the company could pass on savings of investing in administration staff and payroll software to contractors. This enabled TES 2000 to pay the contractors a higher rate and ensure they also received a top-class payroll service in the process. 

Initially starting with the CIS contractors, TES slowly started moving the payroll process over to Payme until in late 2021 Payme became sole supplier for all payroll of TES workers for both CIS and umbrella. 

TES have also benefitted from ongoing and continued legal advice on any and all changes to the supply chain and payroll outsourcing from the team at Payme. 


How you have found working with Payme:
Working with Payme has been a fantastic experience for us. The team is always professional, supportive, and ready to help with any questions or concerns we have. They know I ask a lot of questions, and Andrew is always thorough, providing all the information we need, including links to legislation.

Have Payme been able to provide legal and financial advice:
Yes, Payme has consistently provided us with excellent legal and financial advice. Their expertise has been incredibly valuable, helping us navigate complex situations with confidence. We feel safe knowing that Payme would never put us in a risky position.

Do you feel like Payme look after your contractors:
Absolutely! They do their best to ensure our contractors are well-supported and informed. They involve us in any queries so we can work together to resolve the situation. Andrew and Steph are always just a phone call away, ready to provide immediate assistance.

How have you found the communication from the teams:
The communication from Payme's teams has been great. They are always responsive, clear, and proactive, making sure we are up-to-date and any issues are addressed quickly. We appreciate the daily communication from the registrations and payroll teams, which keeps us well-informed and engaged.

Would you trust in our ability to solve issues:
Without a doubt, we have complete trust in Payme's ability to solve any issues that arise. Their problem-solving skills are exceptional, and they handle challenges with professionalism and efficiency, giving us peace of mind.

-Bianca Molloy, People Director - TES 2000 Ltd