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The Benefits of Rewarding Training

The Benefits of Rewarding Training

by on February 21, 2023

All professionals, from engineers to healthcare workers, from IT specialists to teaching assistants, have to undertake regular training. 

It’s important to the financial health and productivity of an organisation, leading to higher quality work and longer-term commitment from employees, but it’s equally important in terms of personal development for the individual concerned. 

Here, we look at the benefits of training, and learn how Payme can help your professional and personal progress.


Why undertake training? 

Professionals from all sectors undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training to build their career and enhance their professionalism. 

In most professions, it’s a requirement to keep those involved at the top of their game, but it can also enhance them personally. Learning and development will help employees take the next step, as well as giving them an advantage over their peers in terms of career advancement and promotion.


The benefits of training include:

  • Ensuring your professional knowledge is up-to-date – changes in the law and regulations around working practices mean it’s vital that you keep on top of what’s required of you in your profession
  • The opportunities to learn new skills, whatever stage of your career you’re at, which will not only contribute towards your organisation’s success, but also enhance your professional reputation and add towards your CV
  • Increasing self-confidence in your own skills and abilities, helping you approach both work and life in general with optimism and self-belief
  • Demonstrating to colleagues and potential future employers that you have a ‘growth mindset’ and a determination to reach your career goals
  • The potential to effect positive change within your organisation and in your wider community.


Payme and New Skills Academy

Payme is partnered with New Skills Academy, one of the largest and most-respected training organisations in the country, to offer its contractors the opportunity to benefit from its wide range of online courses. 

With over ten years’ experience of providing high quality, comprehensive and affordable courses such as BusinessComputing, Health & Safety, SafeguardingFinance, and Personal Development among others, there’s sure to be a course that will help you with your current and future career goals. 

New Skills Academy has helped over 117,000 students gain vital new qualifications and enhance their existing skills through over 1,000 courses, which are available in a flexible study programme via a variety of platforms, meaning that you can update your skills or learn new ones when it’s most convenient for you. 

In addition, New Skills Academy’s courses are all CPD approved and have been certified by qualified industry experts. Partners include the CPD Certification ServiceThe Complementary Medical AssociationThe UK Register of Learning Providers, and ROSPA, so you can be sure of the quality of the skills that you’re learning and the reputation of those teaching you. 


How can Payme help you with your future?

As a Payme contractor, you’re eligible to take advantage of Skills Academy’s courses, thanks to our Rewards scheme. 

As well as saving money on online offers on such things as days out and experiences, baby and nursery goods, toys and games, motoring and fuel, eating out and health & fitness, you can now enhance your skills and abilities with reduced-price training courses. 

Simply log in to your Payme Rewards page and search for Training Courses. There you’ll see an option to register for any one of New Skills Academy’s wide variety of courses, for which you’ll receive an incredible discount. 

Plus, you can pay for the course via a simple opt-in cost of only £1.99 per week, helping you budget for this vital investment in your future. 

Training can be rewarding, both professionally and personally, and there’s no time like the present to pursue learning a new skill or updating your existing ones.