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An Introduction to Our New White Collar Sales Director, Sean Mackenzie

An Introduction to Our New White Collar Sales Director, Sean Mackenzie

by on October 31, 2022

We’re delighted to welcome our new Sales Director, Sean Mackenzie, to the Payme team.

Here, we take a look at his past achievements and look ahead to his plans for Payme in the future.


Sean, welcome to the team. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

My career started in the banking sector in 2005 with roles including Private Banking Manager with Child & Co and Relationship Bank Manager with the Future Williams and Glyn Team (RBS). These roles gave me a great opportunity to learn about the intricacies of finance, and I developed business, personal and commercial banking experience for over 12 years. 


My previous role was for one of Payme’s largest competitors for over four years, where I learned all about the umbrella industry with a particular focus on compliance including IR35, off-payroll and the good work plan. I suppose you could say that I became the ‘go-to-guy’ for these particular specialisms, and I’m hoping to put my expertise to good use for Payme’s clients and contractors.


So how did you receive the news about the recent IR35 reforms (or rather the non-reforms)? 

I was actually on gardening leave when the previous chancellor announced his IR35 reforms and my linkedIn private messaging went mad. In some ways it was a relief, because the day I started at Payme was the day of the u-turn so it saved me a month of wasted time. 


Do you think the situation regarding IR35 will stay the same, or will we face more changes in the near future?

As Mr Sunak has been chosen as the new PM, and given that he implemented the reforms to the private sector in 2021 I doubt very much that he’ll change it. I think that for the next couple of years at least the situation will stay the same. It’s been a very turbulent few weeks and I think what we need most now is stability and reassurance. 


What did your last role comprise?

I was first responsible for clients in the South and South East, and then changed to looking after clients in the biggest recruitment agencies nationally . I’d be invited as guest speaker at events for up to 300 contractors, as well as presenting to end-clients about the benefits of working through an umbrella company, and how people can maximise the opportunities umbrellas can bring so the whole supply chain is compliant. I have a strong belief in not just being a supplier but really adding value to the relationship through advice and training. 


What’s your remit now you’re with Payme?

I am here to build and develop the relationships at Payme with the white collar recruitment agencies, as we already have a fantastic service and team looking after many agencies within the blue collar sectors. 


I will be looking to build long term partnerships with these agencies, whilst also helping push the umbrella industry to be more compliant, and build the industry’s reputation by putting the umbrella workers and agency partners at the heart of everything we do. 


What about recruitment agencies? Will you be developing even closer relationships with them?

Absolutely. In my last role, a huge focus was on developing relationships with recruitment agencies and their staff, and that’s something I want to continue. I am fanatical about training and love to get hands-on, letting recruitment staff know about how an umbrella company can benefit their candidates, as well as things like compliance, KIDs and the on-going IR35 saga. I’m really keen on educating consultants and adding value to what we can offer them, and I regularly take part in new consultants’ induction processes so that they’re better informed and can pass their knowledge on to their candidates. 


I’m excited to be demonstrating the added value that Payme can offer too. Things like offering help with new starters, giving people the right advice, and becoming that go-to person that people in the industry both rely on and trust. Things are changing in this industry so rapidly at the moment that it can all get very confusing. I’d like to become the kind of industry partner that can be relied upon to give the best possible, straight-talking advice.


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