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Cameron Newcombe's First Quarter at Payme: A Journey of Adaptation and Growth

Cameron Newcombe's First Quarter at Payme: A Journey of Adaptation and Growth

by Payme on April 21, 2024

Cameron Newcome's career transition from the motor trade to payroll management with Payme highlights his personal growth and the versatility required in today's professional landscape. 

As an account manager responsible for the company's major accounts, Cameron shares insights from his first three months in the payroll industry, illustrating the adaptability and transferable skills that have fueled his early success.


From car sales to payroll

Cameron's professional path has taken him from selling cars to managing the complexities of payroll. Reflecting on his transition, he explains, 

"The leap from working in the motor trade to working in payroll might seem big. But both jobs rely on relationship building. Whether it's ensuring customer satisfaction in car sales or managing client payroll needs, the essential skills are transferable."


The job of an account manager in payroll

In his current role, Cameron is pivotal in addressing any client concerns, from payroll discrepancies to new registrations, while also focusing on expanding the company's portfolio. 

"My day-to-day involves a balance of troubleshooting, client meetings, and strategic planning. We're currently steering our clients through the impending minimum wage increase, ensuring they're fully briefed on the implications for their payroll."

The recent budget announcement of a 2% national insurance reduction was also something Cameron had to address.

"This adjustment represents a significant saving for employees and highlights the ongoing need for expert payroll management to deal with such changes."


Payroll was a welcome change

Cameron's first quarter at Payme has been marked by learning and integration into a new industry, which he's found rewarding and fun. 

"The welcoming atmosphere and collaborative spirit of the Payme team have made my transition smoother than I expected. It's the people and culture here that really make a difference."


The only way is up

Looking forward, Cameron is enthusiastic about growth opportunities, both for himself and Payme. 

"My aim is to deepen existing client relationships and bring new ones on board. There's a great mix of account management and business development in my role, offering endless possibilities for expansion."


The ideal role for a people person

Above all, Cameron enjoys the interpersonal aspect of his job. 

"The most rewarding part of my work is building lasting relationships with clients and colleagues. It's been an incredible first three months, and I look forward to what the future holds." 

Thanks for the insight into the payroll industry, Cameron. Here's to a fantastic second quarter!


For more information about payroll, please contact Cameron on 07384 817644 or